About Us

Mona Staso

Our experienced team of professionals will organize, clean, and arrange the contents for the best visual appeal. We have extensive knowledge of contemporary, vintage and antique furnishings, art and jewelry. The entire estate will be expertly research and priced. We exemplify excellence by delivering personal service with exceptional quality and the utmost confidentiality to clients who expect the best.


    We Specialize in:

  • Arranging and managing the Move or Estate Sale process
  • Organizing your Personal and Professional Belongings
    We Provide:
  • Expert advice and support to accomplish a safe and successful Move or Estate Sale
  • Packing and organizing of personal household goods and professional belongings
  • Management for moving or relocating -  from departure to destination
  • A single point of communication for clients and providers of services
  • Supervision for all Moving or Estate Sale activities